My name is Angelica. Throughout my childhood, I found early on that I had a passion for animals and overall helping anything that needed me. As a young girl I always dreamed about pursuing a career as a veterinarian. Being that I had a love for science prior to college, I decided to pursue a Bachelors Degree at the University of Connecticut in Animal Science and graduated in 2013. Since graduating, I have worked for an emergency animal hospital that primarily treats dogs and cats, and later became an EMT in Connecticut for both humans and animals.

I have been a bunny mom for roughly over ten years now. I currently have a ten year old female mini lop named “Mady Bunz”, more commonly known as “Bunz”, and a nine year old mini lop named “Dipstick”. From bunny basics to more advanced medical care, I decided to create a blog to cover the bunny bases. 

Bunz has been medically managed on and off since 2015, and seeing as there was so little help out there for us when Bunz was sick, I decided to create a blog to give back to the bunny loving community. I have learned all of my bunny medical knowledge through my own experiences with Bunz having such a complicated medical history. Bunnies have such a unique anatomical structure, so it was very important I learned much about them when she was sick and needed treatments. Since managing her medical care on my own and being open to help the local public with their rabbit related issues, I later became a National Educator for House Rabbit Rescue Network in 2016.

Feel free to leave questions under articles, as I am happy to assist you in any way that I can. Please keep in mind when reading my articles that though I have veterinary experience and intensive rabbit knowledge, I am not a doctor of any kind. I am simply a bunny mom doing the best she can to raise her two bun kids, whom realized her knowledge and skillset was so advanced and wanted to give back to the animal loving community. What worked with my bunnies, may not work for yours.

I hope you enjoy our articles and find them helpful when taking care of your buns!